The Georgian Association of Forensic Anthropology is a nonprofit organization based out of Tbilisi, Georgia. Established in 2020, their goals are to bring forensic anthropology to the forefront of the medicolegal system in Georgia. The current 2021 project was funded by the HHRRC, assistance by the Georgian Ministry of Defense, donations from the Georgian television station, Rustavi 2, and finally independent forensic scientists volunteered their personal time and finances to travel to the country in aid of GAFA.

If you are interested in making a donation to GAFA, please follow the following instructions to make your donation today.

Step One:

Follow this link to the "Texas State Make A Gift" Website

Step Two:

Select the donation amount

Step Three:

Choose the frequency of the donation

Step Four:

Search for "Georgian Recovery Documentation and Identification Project (GRDIP)

Step Five:

Press "Continue"

Step Six:

Fill out your personal information, payment information, and press "Submit"